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Susie Lee President Land Clearing Solutions, LLC
Work Phone: 361-334-5154
No Photo Available
Holly Lewis Co Publisher / Director of Operations Inspire Magazine
Membership: May 1, 2018
No Photo Available
Debbie Lindsey-Opel President Three Dimensional Development, LLC
Work Phone: 361-728-1459 Membership: August 1, 2016
Photo of Myra A. Lombardo
Myra A. Lombardo Vice President KEDT- TV/ FM
Work Phone: 361-855-2213 Membership: January 1, 2003
Photo of Gracie Martin
Gracie Martin President/Owner Ensemble Group
Work Phone: 361-884-6396 Membership: July 12, 2012
Photo of Janet E. Maxwell
Work Phone: 361-882-3456 Membership: January 1, 2003
Photo of Vicki Mitchell
Vicki Mitchell Co-Owner Vice President Victoria’s Jewels, Inc.
Work Phone: 361-992-7161 Membership: January 1, 2003
Photo of Jessica Neblett
Jessica Neblett Account Executive High Touch Technologies
Work Phone: 361-737-0646 Membership: June 1, 2019
Photo of Donna Patterson
Donna Patterson Vice President & Investment Advisor South Texas Money Management
Work Phone: 361-904-0551 Membership: June 1, 2015
No Photo Available
Mildred Pels Sustaining
Work Phone: 361-442-2373 Membership: January 1, 2003
Photo of Jackie Ray
Jackie Ray Sales Manager Omni Corpus Christi Hotel
Work Phone: 361-886-3563 Membership: March 15, 2010
Photo of Mary Beth Riley
Mary Beth Riley President/ Owner D&R Sales Company, Inc.
Work Phone: 361-853-1771 Membership: January 1, 2003
Photo of Christine Salch
Christine Salch Shareholder Swank & Salch, P.C.
Work Phone: 361-883-8151 Membership: February 15, 2011
Photo of Ellen Scott
Ellen Scott Senior Trust Officer American Bank
Work Phone: 361-653-5011 Membership: October 4, 2012
Photo of Sharon Trott
Sharon Trott Sustaining
Membership: January 1, 2003
Photo of Nancy Wesson-Dodd
Nancy Wesson-Dodd President/CEO YWCA of Corpus Christi
Work Phone: 361-857-5661 Ext 12 Membership: January 1, 2003
No Photo Available
Virginia Whitham Vice President of HR Navy/Army CCU
Work Phone: 361-446-9542 Membership: January 1, 2003
Photo of Lisa Wright
Lisa Wright Owner Your Personal Best Training
Work Phone: 361-857-5087 Membership: July 1, 2016
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