EWI Corpus Christi installed its 2017 – 2018 Board and Committee Chairs.

President:¬ ¬ Dr. Bunny Forgione, Texas A&M University, College of Nursing & Health Sciences
Vice President/President-Elect/Membership:¬ Donna Patterson,¬ South Texas Money Management
Secretary: Betty Baxter, Keetch & Associates
Treasurer:¬ Dr. Mary Jane Hamilton,¬ Texas A&M University, College of Nursing & Health Sciences
Ways¬ & Means:¬ ¬ Carla Hoffman, Hearing Aid Company of Texas. and
Charlotte Hintz, Orion Drilling Company, LLC
Retention and Recruitment Director:¬ Karen Barnes, L.K. Jordan and Associates
Sergeant-at-Arms:¬ Lisa Wright, Your Personal Best Training Studio
Programs:¬ Janet Maxwell, Wittigs
Director-at-Large & Nominating Committee: Kathryn Dirks, Casuals ETCETERA
Scholarship: Laura Hausman, Northern Beef Industries
Reading Rally:
Membership Orientation: Mary Beth Riley, D & R Sales
Website & Facebook : Gracie Martin, Ensemble Group
Public Relations: ¬ Debbie Lindsey-Opel, Three Dimensional Development¬
Publications Director:¬ Sheri Emerick, Art Museum of South Texas

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