Last Saturday, October 17, 2020, EWI Corpus Christi conducted our 20th Reading Rally.  Like with everything this year, it was different.  Having said that, it was really good.  You could tell the girls had not had normal interactions for awhile and it took a bit for them to warm up.  But they really enjoyed the afternoon.  There are so many to thank so if I leave someone out please know it was an accident. 

  • Nancy and her staff at the YWCA for agreeing that we should have the Reading Rally this year and for all the work to prepare, help during and clean up afterwards. 
  • Linda Calhoun with Marlin Works for both the donation of the t-shirts and also the great idea of tie-dying them.  I saw the girl’s faces when I told them about the t-shirts and I can tell you they were excited.  See photos below.
  • Mildred for doing the shopping for school and grooming supplies and helping us with this event for the last 20 years. 
  • Kathleen with the City of Portland, who came up with the idea for the world Reading Rally cookies.  They were beautiful and delicious. 
  • Virginia and the volunteers at Navy/Army Credit Union who stuffed all the bags with Mildred direction, of course.
  • Myra and KEDT for getting a grant to provide the girls with wonderful new books.
  • EWI members who helped on Saturday (Virginia, Gracie, Myra, Nancy, Melody, Linda, Marcia, Karen, Cherylyn, and Michelle)
  • All the women who were on the Reading Rally committee and
  • Corpus Christi chapter of the Executive Women International who have made this event a priority and supply the funding for the event.

The girls really enjoyed this “outing” and their interaction with the EWI ladies.  That wasn’t even on the agenda, but what a bonus were the talks—in the squares with the girls.  The girls came in very subdued after months of isolation.  They warmed up through the afternoon and left so appreciative of the event, the mentors and the goodie bags! 

Well done EWI!!

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