Reading Rally turned out wonderfully.  EWI believes the purpose of encouraging reading was accomplished on Saturday’s 2021 Reading Rally. The girls learned and had fun at the same time.  What more can you ask? 

The girls listened to 3 speakers, decorated and put together their own airplane and had pizza and cookies thanks to EWI annual Reading Rally. After the girls heard from a local author who read the first chapter of her book “Confetti Socks” they had the opportunity to get their own book signed by the author! The author’s hometown is Corpus Christi and is featured in the book. They also got to hear and learn about being a pilot and flying from a 23-year old young lady that is stationed in Corpus Christi.  She encouraged them to dream big and consider a career in the military.  The girls all went home with at least one full bag of books to read some even had 2 bags full of books. Of course they also received a bag of goodies to use and enjoy.  Thank you EWI for making a difference. 

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